What Is the Temperature in Colombia?


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Current weather in Bogota, Colombia
Mostly Cloudy
64º/48º 18º/9º
68º/52º 20º/11º
66º/52º 19º/11º
66º/50º 19º/10º
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The average monthly temperature in Colombia is 18 degrees Celsius. The country realizes its lowest levels of temperatures in the months of August to October with a mean temperature of 14 degrees Celsius while the hottest months are April and May.
The average temperature in Colombia is 27 degrees centigrade, and this does not change much over the year as the country has equatorial climate. The best times to visit Colombia are between December and March, when the country receives the least rainfall. Night temperatures are considerably lower, and warm clothing is recommended during these times.
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It reached 42.0 C in El Salto.
The Climate of Colombia is characterized for being tropical and
Colombia, where? State.
Quito is on the Equator and the temperatures are similar to Bogota. Bogota is 8580 feet (2,600 m) . Quito is 9,350 feet (2,850 m). There is a lapse rate, or reduction in temperature
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The average temperature of Colombia is 13.0 C (55 F). The warmest average maximum temperature is 21 C (70 F), which is usually experienced from January to March, ...
The average temperature in Peraira Colombia is around 14.4 ° C all year round dropping to about 9 ° C at night and rising to around 18 ° ...
The climate in Colombia is going to depend on which section of the country you visit. If you are going to Barranquilla which is on the coast the temperature is ...
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