What Is the Temperature in Dubai?


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Current weather in Dubai, UAE
99º/77º 37º/25º
91º/75º 33º/24º
97º/79º 36º/26º
99º/81º 37º/27º
Source: www.wunderground.com
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Climate of Dubai features a hot arid climate where summers are extremely hot, windy as well as dry having an average high approximately 40 °C and overnight lows approximately 30 °C. The highest temperature to be recorded in Dubai is 49 °C. Throughout the year, most days are sunny and winters are cool and short having an average high of about 23 °C and overnight lows of about 14 °C.
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66 degrees F / 19 Degrees celcius mostly cloudy 46% humidity dew point - 45 Degrees F / 7 Degrees celcius wind - 16 mph / 26 km / 7.2 m/s from the west visibility - 6.2 miles / 10.0
Current temperature in Dubai is 97F/36C with clear skies. The humidity is at 30%, so not bad.
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To know the temperature in Dubai for any particular day one can visit the bbc, wunderground, and ameinfo websites. The region has a dry climate, few rainfalls ...
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