Temperature of Neptune?


The temperature of the planet Neptune is on average about -200 degrees Celsius but it can dip down to -218 degrees Celsius and the surface of this planet is thought to be the coldest place on the Solar system. However the temperature of Neptune's interior is about 7000 degrees Celsius and the huge difference between the surface and interior usually create huge wind storms which can travel as fast as 2,100 kilometres per hour.
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Neptune's is one of the coldest places in the Solar System having an average temperature of approximately 218 °C. Temperatures at the centre of the planet are approximately 5,000 °C.
Neptune is the eighth farthest planet from the sun. It has a mantle of liquid hydrogen while the atmosphere is a combination of ammonia, helium and methane. Its surface temperature is -245 degrees Celsius.
The temperature on Neptune is 73 ???ø K.It is one of the coldest planets in the solar system and may record temperatures as low as 55 ???ø K although the south pole of this planet is relatively warmer as it is tilted towards the sun. At the core of this planet, temperatures may reach 7000 ???ø C.
The average temperature of Neptune is -200 degrees Celsius. Neptune which is the coldest planet in the solar system is the eighth planet and located next to Uranus. You can find more information here: http://www.universetoday.com/guide-to-space/neptune/temperature-of-neptune/
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