Temperature Range on Saturn?


The maximum temperature of the inner core of Saturn is 11,700 ‚ degrees Celsius. However, the highest cloud at the edge of space has a temperature of -150 ‚ degrees Celsius. The high temperature is as a result of pressure from hydrogen and helium.
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the average temperature is 180 degrees C.
-130 degree celsius.
The answer is -285 degrees Fahrenheits. Also it is -175 degree Celsius
-178 degree Celsius. :).
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It is difficult to determine the temperature of Saturn. However, its clouds are colder than -150 ‚ °C. As you travel down to the planet, there is increase in temperature and pressure thus the temperature can very well reach up to 11,700 ‚ °C.
Saturn's temperature is believed to be about -270 degrees Fahrenheit or -168 degrees Celsius. The temperatures below Saturn's clouds are much higher than those at the top of the clouds. Saturn has a thick atmosphere made up of hydrogen and helium.
Saturn is the sixth farthest planet from the sun. It has a diameter of 120,000 km making it the second biggest planet in the solar system. Its surface temperature is -180 degrees Celsius.
Saturn has a very hot interior, reaching 11 700 °C at the core.
Planet Saturn experiences temperatures of -178 degrees Celsius. Its atmosphere is made up of the gases helium and hydrogen while its surface consists of gas and liquid. It has a diameter of 120,660 kilometres and takes a total of 10 hours, 40 minutes and 24 seconds to rotate on its axis.
The planet Saturn has a varying temperature. It has a mean temperature of -140 degrees celsius (-220 degrees F). The temperatures above Saturn's cloud are much lower than those at the lower region of the clouds.
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