What is the temperature of the planet Uranus?


Uranus is the seventh planet in the universe. It's the 4th largest in the entire Solar system. It is also the coldest and it experiences a minimum temperature of -224 degrees Celsius. The planet is named after a deity of sky called Uranus.
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The temperatures on Uranus range from -270 to -380. o. F.
The temperature of Uranus is about –355 degrees Fahrenheit. Wow, now that's
The current temperature depends on where you are located. For example, if you are in the North, the temperature is probably a lot colder than being in the South. This also varies
Uranus is far from the sun, residing in the cold outer reaches of the solar system. It is a giant ball of gas, ice and liquid. According to Nasa.gov, scientists believe the surface
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Uranus is the seventh farthest planet from the sun. It is observed as a pale blue planet since its surface is covered with a layer of Methane gas. Its maximum surface temperature is 58 degrees Celsius and minimum is -88 degrees Celsius.
The temperature on the planet Uranus is approximately -355 Fahrenheit on the surface. Uranus is known as the coldest planet on the solar system and this is attributed to its low internal temperature with its core measuring just 5000 degrees Kelvin. Uranus is the third largest planet on the solar system.
The average temperature of the face of Uranus is -224 ???ø Celsius or 49 ???ø Kelvin. Uranus is the coldest planet in the Solar System; even it is not the furthest from the sun. Similar to its neighbour, Neptune, Uranus is an ice giant.
The temperature of the Uranus is 49 K or -224 degree Celsius which makes the Uranus as the Coldest Planet in the Solar System. The total power radiated by the Uranus in the heat part of the spectrum is 1.06+/-0.08 times the solar energy absorbed in its atmosphere.
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