Venus Temperature Range?


The mean surface temperature of Venus is 735 Kelvin or 460 degrees Celsius. Venus is the second planet from the sun and is one of the four solar terrestrial planets, meaning that it is a very rocky body like the earth. It is often described as earth's 'twin' or 'sister'.
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850 deggres.
Venus has an average temp of 726? Kelvin.
The temperature doesn't actually vary much, day or night. The temperatures. are around 460 to 480 degrees Celsius everywhere, all the time.
There isn't any comparison. Venus has a temperature of about 460oC whereas the Earth has a temperature ranging from -90 to +58oC
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Venus is the planet second closest to the sun and the hottest planet in the solar system. Venus surface temperature is a scorching 484 degrees Celsius. Its surface pressure is 92 times that of earth at sea level!
Venus is the second planet from the sun. Its average temperature is 460 degrees Celsius, which is 410 degrees hotter than the hottest desert on our planet. Venus is classified as a terrestrial planet and is sometimes called Earth's 'sister planet.
Venus is the second closest planet to the sun. The temperature of the Venus is 461.85 degree Celsius or in terms of Kelvin it is seven hundred and thirty five K.
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The nighttime temperature of Venus is 860 degrees Fahrenheit or 460 Celsius. This is the same as the temperature during the day. The atmosphere is dense and thick ...
Venus has a temperature of 870 degrees Fahrenheit, which is both its high and low temperature. This temperature is the hottest surface temperature of all the planets ...
The surface temperature of Venus is 460 degrees Celsius, which is much higher than the Earth's average temperature of 14 degrees Celsius. Unlike the Earth's temperature ...
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