What Is the Temperature on Neptune?


The temperature on Neptune is 73 ° K.It is one of the coldest planets in the solar system and may record temperatures as low as 55 ° K although the south pole of this planet is relatively warmer as it is tilted towards the sun. At the core of this planet, temperatures may reach 7000 ° C.
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Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun in the solar system with the exception of Pluto. Actually, the orbits of the eighth and ninth planets cross so that Neptune is the farthest
Neptune does not have a "surface" on which to measure temperature. Its gaseous atmosphere gives way to a dense, hot slush of water and ammonia molecules. So while the outer
NEPTUNE, NJ 31F, mostly cloudy Sun: 29F-50F, cloudy Mon: 36F-44F, partly cloudy
Neptune is a "gas giant" type of a planet. It does not have solid surface, and thus no mountains.
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The temperature on Neptune is -373 Fahrenheit of -225 Celsius. It would be wise to take a really heavy coat if you plan on visiting. The cloud temperature is -193 F and -153 C.
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