What Is the Temperature Range of Uranus?


Uranus is much farther away from the sun than Earth is. This means that the temperatures there are much colder. The temperature range of Uranus is -353 degrees F to -337 degrees F.
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-214 degrees Celsius to -205 degrees Celsius.214 degrees Celsius to -205 degrees Celsius. at least -214 degrease Celsius to -205 degrease Celsius.
The temperature of Uranus is about –355 degrees Fahrenheit. Wow, now that's
Most blanket warmers have an upper temperature limit of 250 degrees F (121 degrees C by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) regulations. This is much lower than the temperature
Temperatures in the Antarctic interior get down to -70 degrees Celsius during the winter months and -25 degrees Celsius in the warmer months. The annual average high is -45 degrees
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The planet Uranus has a temperature in it's atmosphere of about -355 degrees F. In the inside of the planet the temperature rises rapidly.
Uranus temperature range from -353 degrees in Fahrenheit up to the coldest of -371 degrees in Fahrenheit. This temperature can be attributed because of its distance from the sun. Since it is the seventh planet from the solar system, the temperature varies depending on the sun exposure. Surprisingly, it was discovered that there is a storm in Uranus, and the average of the clouds is -315 degrees in Fahrenheit.
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