What Is the Thecal Sac?


Thecal sac or the lumbar cistern is the space below the termination of the spinal cord covered by dura and arachnoid mater. Sometimes this space dislocates the nerve roots of the cauda equine when it gets decompressed.
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The thecal sac is associated with the lumbar spine. It is a sac filled with cerebral spinal fluid. It is the protection and nutrition to the nerves residing there.
That depends inherently on the specific location, and severity of the condition. But first I'd like to divulge upon you my rationale of "severity" as it pertains to the
Hi Kevin. The thecal sac is the connective tissue that surrounds the spinal cord. The report is saying that you have some compression of this outer part of the cord. Effacement means
In the lumbar spine, there is no spinal cord. Instead the nerve roots hang like a
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The thecal sac, or dural sac, is a membranous sac that encases the spinal cord within the bony structure of the vetebral column.
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A thecal sac impingement is also known as a bulging disc. It is a condition in which the sacs that surround the vertebrate in the spine bulge out. They can hit ...
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