What Is the Third Largest Planet?


Uranus is considered to be the third largest planet in the solar system. It is the seventh planet from the sun and has a ring system and numerous moons. Uranus has an atmosphere of about 83% hydrogen, 15% helium and 2% methane.
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Uranus is the third largest planet in our Solar Systems.
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Jupiter has the largest planetary radius - 71,492 km (about 11 times the Earth's radius) Jupiter as seen by the Cassini probe, with a picture of Earth digitally added for scale: Jupiter
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Uranus is the third largest planet in the Solar System. It has a diameter of 51,118 kilometers.
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The third larges planet in our solar system is Uranus. Uranus in the seventh planet from the sun. Planets in order of size are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Earth, Venus, Mars, and Mercury.
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