What Is the Third Planet from the Sun?


The third planet from the Sun is Earth. Earth is the only planet whose English name does not derive from Greek/Roman mythology. 71 Percent of the Earth's surface is covered with water.
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1st Mercury 2nd Venus 3rd Earth
Answer Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun.
The verage distance from the sun from. Mercuary:57,909,000km. Venus:108,200,000km. Earth:149,600,000km. Mars:227,940,000. Jupiter:778,400,000km. Saturn:1,423,600,000km. Uranus:2,867,000,000km
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The third planet from the Sun in the solar system. It was not until the time of Copernicus in the sixteenth century that the Earth was commonly understood to be a planet orbiting the Sun.
Diameter: 12,756 kilometers Mass: kilograms
Length of Day: 24.0 hours Length of Year: 365.2 days
The third planet from sun is the Earth. It is the densest planet and is 5th largest of the eight planets in the solar system. It is home to many different species, Earth is at times referred to as the world.
The planets in order are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and lastly Neptune. Given this the Earth is the third rock from the Sun.
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