What Is the Time Difference between the UK and Florida?


Florida is a state located in the southern region of the United States. The eastern Florida including all the major cities and towns fall in the Eastern Time zone, which is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. The western part of Florida falls in the central time zone which is 6 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. UK uses GMT winter and BST in summer. That makes make Britain to be 5 hours ahead of Florida.
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The time difference according to the Greenwich Mean Time in Florida is five hours backwards. Therefore the time difference is -5 hours; Florida is 5 hours behind London. Fir instance, when it is 1:00 PM in UK (London) its 8:00 am in Florida.
The standard time in Florida is GMT -5 hours. Therefore, it is 5 hours behind London. To check the current time in Florida, please visit http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=156.
The time difference between Florida and the United Kingdom is 5 hours, where Florida is 5 hours behind. Therefore, when it is 13:00 in London, the time in Florida would be 08:00. Florida is on the east coast of America.
Standard time zone in Florida is UTC/GMT -5 hours. UK is 5 hour ahead of Florida.
The time difference between London in UK and Florida in USA, is about five hours. When it is 3.00 AM in Florida, in London it is 8:00 AM.
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