What Is the Time in Melbourne?


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Current time in Melbourne, Victoria
April 17, 2014
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Melbourne is UTC/GMT time zone, +10 hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time. To get the accurate time in Melbourne at any particular period you should visit websites like timeanddate, 24timezones and greenwichmeantime.
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Melbourne is located in Australia and is the capital city of the State of Victoria. The population of Melbourne is over 3,600,000 and is referred to as Australia's garden city. A
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The time in Melbourne Australia is given by Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +10 hours. The latitude is 37° 52' south and Longitude is 145° 08' east. It is ...
Melbourne, Australia is 16 hours ahead of Eastern Standard time. For example, if it is 2:20 pm on Sunday in North Carolina, then it would be 6:20 am on Monday ...
Melbourne is 10 hours ahead than United Kingdom. Melbourne Standard Time zone is UTC/GMT +10 hours. ...
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