What is the time of sunrise and sunset?


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Current astronomy report for Ashburn, VA
Sunrise: 6:45am
Sunset: 6:00pm
Waxing Gibbous
Waxing Gibbous
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It really depends on the day, because. in January or at least after the fall and winter. come, days get shorter and shorter and it really. varies on the day too.
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Well..depending on the type of weather is happening at the time....other than the direction you are looking...east or west.....they pretty much look the same so...you can draw one
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In the United Kingdom the sunrise and sunset times varies throughout the year like in July the sunrise is between 4:50 am and 4:60am while the sunset time is between 9:14 pm and 9:20 pm. The length of the day is usually about 16.5 hours. You can find out about the specific sunset and sunrise time at the DateAndTime website.
Sunrise and sunset times vary all year round. This depends on the position of the earth around the sun. The variation is not large and has a difference of a minute every day!
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