What Is the Top of the Foot Called?


The upper surface of the foot is referred to as dorsum pedis. In human anatomy, there is an artery referred to as dorsalis pedis artery or dorsal artery of foot. This blood vessel of the lower limb carries oxygenated blood to the dorsal surface of the foot.
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The bone that connects your foot to your leg is called the Talus. Next to the Talus is a foot bone that is called the Navicular. Your heel bone is called the Calcaneus. Your toes
The instep is the arched upper surface of the human foot between the toes and the
All Podiatrists are physicians recognized by the federal government. Most Podiatrists are board certified, a title given for levels of achievement and training attained during their
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The top of the foot (the part that faces up when one is standing) is called the dorsum. The sole, the place that faces down when one is standing, is also known as the plantum. In the hands, the corresponding parts are known as the dorsum and the palm respectively.
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