What Is the Top Speed of a Jet Ski?


The Jet Ski is a type of personal watercraft developed by the Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The top speed of the Jet Ski is 289.7 kilometres per hour. The advancement of technology now and then has raised the usual bar of 112 kilometres per hour.
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The specs for the Polaris 700 do not state a top speed.
A typical Jumbo Jet will fly at 550-600 mph top speed.
As a naturally gifted jet skier, I wouldn't dare try reaching top speed on any such machine. Why? Because the risk is too high. I recall a situation where someone was killed one one
Most jet skis are composed of material that is rustproof, but since it happens to be a vehicle that is in contact with water a good deal of time, you should inspect the jet ski for
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What Is the Top Speed of a Jet Ski?
Personal watercraft -- often referred to as "jet skis," although that is a trademark of Kawasaki -- have been getting faster and more capable. Personal watercraft may not have have the horsepower to match the top speeds of larger boats, but advancing... More »
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The top speed of a Jet Ski depends on the size of the engine. The weight of the rider(s) also affects the top speed. The average jet ski reaches a speed of 50 ...
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