What Is the Treatment for Bleach Inhalation?


If you've been exposed to too much bleach by inhalation, you should immediately seek fresh air. If you continue to have trouble breathing, you should call 911. If you have mixed bleach fumes with ammonia fumes you should seek immediate medical treatment.
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Inhaled chlorine poisoning can have many symptoms. Inhalation of pool chlorine can have various effects on the body. At low levels, it can cause damage to the skin, eyes and airway
Exhale and don't do it again. Bleach is usually Calcium Hypchlorite and water (usually 5% solution) like the brand Clorox. What you will inhale is a mild chlorine gas that liquid
Bleach contains a poisonous gas called chlorine. Short term, high level
Your body will just flush it out. The dust dissolves in water ( the mucus in your nose) You can try drinking some water and sniffing up a little water and then blow your nose to help
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