What Is the Underscore Symbol?


The underscore symbol is a character or a sign that originally appears on the typewriter. This sign was primarily used to underline words on the typewriter. This term can also be defined as a line drawn underneath the typewriter.
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When you use the hyphen key on the keyboard and press the shift at the same time will allow you to create an underscore. For example: _ is an underscore. For more information see
an underscore is this _ can be found, to the right of the zero! :
something 2 b used n sighning up n the yahoo mail 4 example u must use letters 's and 1 dot for the e-mail u want.
The symbol for the planet Mercury is a stylized version of the caduceus of Hermes. The caduceus is a staff that has two entwined serpents, and it is topped by a set of wings.
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