What Is the US Dollar Exchange Rate Today?


The Us dollar exchange rate varies from the currency of one country to another. There are online sites with free exchange rates and tools like the currency conversion calculator that you can visit to view the exchange rates. These include: Currency, xe, exchangerate and x-rates.
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As at 30Oct09 1 US Dollar was worth 6.9270 Swedish Krona.
1.11860 is today's exchange
To obtain the exchange rate, divide the amount in U.S. dollars that you received for English pounds. For example, if you handed over 200 English pounds and received 310 U.S. dollars
Use the following link to calculate: http://www.x-rates.com/d/USD/MXN/graph120.html
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1.0 US Dollars (USD) is equal to 1 US Dollar
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Disclaimer: All data reflects mid-market rates updated every 30 minutes by XE.com
The following link http://www.sussex.ac.uk/Units/currency/ provides an up to date rate of exchange of the major world currencies including the British pound to united states dollar.
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