What Is the Value of 1 Oz of Fine Silver One Dollar Coin?


To determine the value of 1 oz of fine silver one dollar coin you need to know the date. There is a coin which has a walking Liberty with the sun and rays at the side and the reverse has an eagle with open wings. It will also say one ounce fine silver one dollar, then you know its made of .999 pure silver. If it doesn't have the date or say one dollar then its a silver round and not a coin. The value also depends on the price of silver for that day.
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The "dollar" denomination is of course artificial since these coins are sold as bullion pieces for their precious-metal value. The current price of silver is about $14 an
Usually those type of coins are worth more as "collectibles" than they are just for their silver content. Check eBay and see what similar coins are selling for. They seem
$20 Anonymous
Currently in the vicinity of $20.00 to $23.00 USD as of 8/15/03.
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