What is the value of a 1934D $20 bill?


The 1934 twenty dollar bill is worth anywhere from $22.54 to $43.00 in December of 2011. The 1934 twenty dollar bill can be purchased at the auction website called eBay.
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In top condition, no tears, color aged well not yellowed or water damaged, upwards of $10,000. However in circulated condition they are worth considerably less - $75.-$125. for a
The 1934 series only extends to the letter D. You may be confusing the Federal Reserve Bank letter with the series letter; that's next to the date, not in the center of the seal.
D is the highest series letter for 1934 US $10 bills. If the "E" is inside the Federal Reserve seal, it's the district letter and not a series letter. The series letter
Auction prices as of 02/2009: With a green seal, $12.-$20. depending on how worn it is. With a blue seal, $50.-$300.
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The value of a 1934 D twenty dollar bill will vary slightly depending on the condition of the bill itself. This can also be dependent on the mint. The average value is between face value and $60 as of 2013.
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