What Is the Value of a 1957 Francisco Franco Caudillo De Espana Por La C De Dios 50 Ptas Coin?


The value of your coin from Spain could be a few cents to a few dollars. We would have to know the year, mint year and condition to give a better value.
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It depends. The coin, made from copper-nickel, is a 50 peseta coin from Spain, and was produced with the date "1957" between 1957 and 1975. The actual year (the last two
They are about $1.50 -$2. on ebay.
It depends on the spot price of silver at the time you sell it and the condition of the coin. It is 19 grams of 80% silver alloy. This works out to 0.4887 oz troy of pure silver.
As the title says, it is from "Espana" or Spain. First off, what is the year? Then, what is the condition? But if it is from Mexico, the value is nonexistant because such
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