What Is the Value of a 50 Bill from Italy Dated in 1943?


According to a local coin shop determining the value of a bill from Italy dated 1943 will depend on a number of factors. The largest factors are rarity and condition. The more rare a bill is the more value it has. Also, better condition dictates a higher value. Any coin shop or collector should be able to look at the bill and appraise it for you.
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Hi, your bill, if authentic, should be worth about $60 in Good Condition to $500+ in Uncirculated Condition. Contact a professional before selling.
I do not know much about confederate Money but I can give you the worth of $50 in 1861 as of 2005. In 2005, $50.00 from 1861 is worth: $1,143.44 using the Consumer Price Index. Maybe
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The value of your 50 dollar bill depends on it's condition and series. To find out what series it is, look at the date. There were six series of 50 dollar bills ...
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