What Is the Value of a 50 Bill from Italy Dated in 1943?


According to a local coin shop determining the value of a bill from Italy dated 1943 will depend on a number of factors. The largest factors are rarity and condition. The more rare a bill is the more value it has. Also, better condition dictates a higher value. Any coin shop or collector should be able to look at the bill and appraise it for you.
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Hi, your bill, if authentic, should be worth about $60 in Good Condition to $500+ in Uncirculated Condition. Contact a professional before selling.
I do not know much about confederate Money but I can give you the worth of $50 in 1861 as of 2005. In 2005, $50.00 from 1861 is worth: $1,143.44 using the Consumer Price Index. Maybe
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