What Is the value of a Belgian Browning A5 magnum 12 gauge?


The value of a Belgian Browning A5 Magnum 12 Gauge depends on the year, exact model, and the condition of the gun. The only person who would be able to tell you what the exact value of it would be either a gun smith or a gun dealer. Many smiths and dealers will offer free appraisals of weapons.
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100-1000 or more depending on specifics.
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$350-600 depending on condition. A real minty one in original condition (no pad or poly choke) can get up to $1000+ on a good day.
Go to gunbroker.com and take a look at the 100 or so Browning A-5 semi automatic shotguns that are offered. Prices start ( in Aug 2007) at 200 and go to $1000 for a Belgiumj A-5 new
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