What is the value of a rare coin?


Rare coins have different values depending on the material it is made from, its mint marks and its age and era and whether it is still in circulation or not. You may want to check sites such as coinstudy, monacorarecoins, valuemystuff and coins.ha for the value of different types of coins.
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1. Contact local antiques shops throughout your area. While the owners may not specialize in rare coins, they may have enough knowledge to help you find the values of your rare coins
There are many rare coins issued since the US first issued them in 1793. Equally there are many common ones. The question is difficult to answer because the list is so large!
You might have a British sovereign or a half sovereign. The sovereign has a diameter of 22.05mm, weight of 7.98g, fineness 916.6 (22 karat), actual gold content 7.315g or 0.2354 troy
I assume the denomination is one pfennig and not something else; pfennig is the equivalent of penny so it appeared on all denominations less than 1 mark. Your coin's value depends
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