What is the value of a star sapphire?


The carat weight, colour, intensity and visibility of the star sapphire determine the value of star sapphire. It also depends on its origin. Star sapphires from Sri Lanka are the most valuable. However, the value of star sapphire tends to vary from time to time.
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The "cabochon" shaping method is used to cut most star sapphires. This method creates a rounded surface that is polished, yet not faceted. The star-like figure that appears
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( ′stär ′sa′fīr ) (mineralogy) A variety of sapphire exhibiting a six-pointed star resulting from the presence of microscopic crystals in various orientations
Padparadscha Sapphires that combine the three colours of pink, purple and orange
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Most of the blue sapphires are found in the form star sapphires. Star sapphire is a variety of sapphire that shows a star like particular optical phenomenon named as asterism. 1 carat of Star sapphires valued up to $3-10 (1.9 – 6.4 Pounds).
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