What is the value of an 1882 uncirculated Carson City Morgan silver dollar?


A Carson City uncirculated Silver Dollar is a memorabilia in America that existed when the continent was starting to develop and was discovered in the mountains near Carson City, Nevada. An 1882 dollar of this kind has a value of 15.83 British Sterling pounds today.
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It depends on how good uncirculated condition it is in, but the range is from about $200 (in MS-60) to about $2,000 (in MS-66)
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An uncirculated 1882 Morgan Dollar from the Philadelphia mint (no mint mark) could be worth any thing from ~35 to almost $30,000. It depends on how well the coin was made and how
This coin is valued at about 90 dollars.
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Carson City Mint was established in 1870 to mint silver coins. They produced many uncirculated General Services Administration coins. Caches of Morgan Dollars ...
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