What is the value of an 1882 uncirculated Carson City Morgan silver dollar?


A Carson City uncirculated Silver Dollar is a memorabilia in America that existed when the continent was starting to develop and was discovered in the mountains near Carson City, Nevada. An 1882 dollar of this kind has a value of 15.83 British Sterling pounds today.
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One dollar, as stated on the back of the coin.
The mint mark of each Morgan silver dollar can be found on the reverse below the wreath. Coins minted in Carson City feature the mint mark "CC. The coin is composed of 90 percent
They are worth about $50 each, so your collection is probably worth around $950 to $1000.
To date, no 1921 Philadelphia issue Morgan has been. certified. as MS-68. The highest known grade is MS-67 with a value of $30,000.00+
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