What Is the Value of Jade?


The most valuable jade is high grad jadeite, with glowing translucence and a radiant, vibrant emerald green.  Jadeite of this calibre is reserved for use in jewellery and is almost never "carved" but rather cut en cabochon or made into a bead. Jadeite like this can be worth millions of dollars.
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white jade is precious and can be very valuable.
In general the value of jade is determined by its color and the intensity, the vivacity
If it's jadeite jade, it will be worth more than nephrite jade. White jade is very scarce so is worth more again. It could be worth $1 a gram or $200 a gram depending on colour and
The value of real river jade is $44 per gram (62g) or $163 per gram (15g) The value of jade is determined according to its color & intensity of that color. report this answer.
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The value of jade is determined by the quality, which is its colour and the intensity of that colour, the vivacity and texture, and its clarity and transparency. The categories are; low, moderate, high and highest value. The most valuable jade is high grade (A or AAA, depending on the system) jadeite, with glowing translucence and a radiant, vibrant emerald green. They are mostly used in making jewellery.
There is no set value for jade because the color of jade can affect the price by a lot. Deep green jade stones are highly prized, and they are usually worth the most.
The value of jade is determined by the intensity of color, the texture, and clarity. The lowest quality of jade has been sold for about $15. The highest quality of jade has sold for well over $1,000,000.
The value of jade depends on how the jade is cut and the quality of the jade. You can purchase small pieces of polished jade for just a few dollars. High quality and well cut jade can go for hundreds of dollars.
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