What is the value of my gold coin?


The value of an uncirculated $2.50 Liberty gold coin is around $380, while the value of an uncirculated $2.50 Indian gold coin is about $309, according to Daniel Harris, a collector since the 1960s. Other major types of U.S. gold coins include the $5 Liberty, $5 Indian, $10 Liberty, $10 Indian, $20 Liberty and $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coin.

Collectors and dealers use several traits to differentiate common gold coins from the rare ones. These characteristics include the date, mintmark, condition and variety of the coin. The $2.5 Liberty gold coin is characterized by small mintages and is widely circulated. The $2.5 Indian gold coin features the Incuse design and was minted for a short period. The $5 Liberty coin has a value of around $395 when uncirculated, whereas uncirculated $5 Indian coins have a value of $461.

The major factor that affects the value of a coin is the supply of the coin in a specific grade that is available for people to purchase. The initial mintage of the coin determines the total supply available to the market. The demand for a certain type or date of coin also influences its value. Moreover, if it is made from gold or silver, the intrinsic value of the metal used in the coin can determine its value.

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