What is the value of one ounce of gold?


The value of one ounce of gold keeps changing due to various economic factors. You can however view its current value at the Gold Price or Gold Grambars website. The values however only reflect the inherent gold value, not rarity value.
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Less than one week ago, gold closed at $1148.50 for an ounce of gold. This is the price that big players will pay. Be careful if you invest in gold.
The original question was a bit confusing and could have been read as one 1/4 oz coin or 14 one ounce coins, so we'll leave two answers: One coin weighing one-fourth troy ounce with
The bid price of 1 ounce of gold is 953.70 while the ask
According to WordIQ.com, the South African Krugerrand was the first coin to contain one troy ounce of fine gold. Introduced in 1967, the Krugerrand is a gold alloy, made up of 91.67
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Gold Commodity
1272.60 -14.8 (-1.1496)
Open: 1287.30 High: 1290.90
Low: 1268.50 Volume: 0
Source: Financial Content
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The value of platinum changes frequently similar to gold but the current value of an ounce of platinum is approximately ?927.210 in UK. Platinum is used for electronics ...
With doing some research I have found the price of a one ounce China Gold Panda Coin 2005 selling for about $1700.00. So that is a pretty good coin to have! ...
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