What is the value of wheat pennies?


Most wheat pennies are worth about 3 cents, but some years are worth more. You could get $50 for a 1931-S and $2.35 for a 1931-D. You could get $177.75 for a 1934-D. You can find more info at: coins.about.com
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It depends which one you mean. Common date wheat cents are worth 2-5 cents apiece. Some older wheat cents can be worth much more depending on their condition and mint mark. There's
1. Examine the condition of the penny. Pennies in mint condition are worth much more than pennies that look old or worn. If your coin already looks old, consider restoring it. Although
At "Extremetly Fine" grade it would be worth about $4 US, or $1.50 for
A 1936 wheat penny worth is 0.04 dollars. A 1936-D is 0.05 dollars and a 1936 -S is 0.06 dollars.
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