What is next week's weather?


To know the weather for the next week, you can use the online resource the weatheroutlook.com, which gives the weather forecast in the United Kingdom for the next 14 days at any one particular time. For example, for the first week of March 2011, the weather in the United Kingdom will be reasonably dry, with temperatures falling back close to the seasonal average for much of the country, even though the east of the United Kingdom may experience chilly weather.
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The question carries a date of October 16, 2008. So the information is given for that month in Portugal. Portugal's average temperature in October is 64 degrees Fahrenheit [18 degrees
April 28, Partly cloudy, High of 81, Low of 56. Looks like a nice day!
See link below: http://www.internationalweather.net/loca….
According to WeatherBug, New Orleans, LA, Mon. Feb 15: Mostly sunny, high 57F, low 45. Tues: Sunny, high 56, low 47; Weds: Partly cloudy, high 58, low 45. report this answer. Updated
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The weather is the state of the atmosphere at a specific place and time as regards, cloudiness, heat (temperature), sunshine, dryness, wind, rain, etc. The weather is always changing therefore the best way to find more information on next UK's week's weather would be to BBC Weather or Weather. These websites will normally give you information on the weather and also the forecast.
The next week weather will be determined by a number of factors, which are: possibility of rain, climatic changes among others. To know the weather forecast for next week you can visit the weather channel website.
You can get the weather for the upcoming week by using an online weather broadcasting service such as the official UK meteorological office website. Weather keeps on changing by the day so its essential that you keep on checking.
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