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Current weather in Orlando, FL
Partly Cloudy
81º/55º 27º/13º
77º/61º 25º/16º
81º/57º 27º/14º
81º/61º 27º/16º
Source: www.wunderground.com
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Orlando is a big city in the middle section of the U.S. state of Florida. During hot seasons, temperatures range between 21° C and 38° C with high humidity and during cold seasons temperatures range 10° C and 22° C with little humidity. To get daily and monthly update of the weather conditions in Orlando you can visit websites like holiday-weather, weatherforyou and weather-forecasts.
Orlando is a key city in the central area of the U.S. state of Florida. To know what the weather in Orlando is like on a particular day, you might want to check out websites such as tripadvisor or wunderground. If you are planning to take a trip to Orlando, the best months would be in September and October since it is usually quite warm.
Orlando experiences sunny weather and occasional rainfall throughout the year. The average annual temperature is a cosy 72.4 degrees Fahrenheit. To identify the current weather condition in Orlando Florida, visit your local travel agent.
The weather in Orlando is hot and takes a record low of 38°F in the month of April, while the normal low stands at 60°F. The normal high goes up to 95°F while the normal high maintains at 85°F. December, January and February are the winter months. To find the daily statistics of weather, visit the website Orlando Weather.
The winter months of December, January and February and summer months are June, July and August. In September, October, November the country experiences cool, crisp days of autumn nevertheless for the daily weather update you can visit the UK and Ireland weather site.
Orlando is a big city in the mid section of the U.S. state of Florida. Orlando's weather is transitional with many characteristics but current weather forecasts of the city can be checked online on websites like weatherforyou, holiday-weather and justweather.
The weather forecast in Orlando in the month of May is mostly sunny and partly cloudy with a high temperature of 90°C and a low of 60°C. Humidity is approximately 78%, wind direction is generally South-South-West and wind speed is 7 MPH and the Barometer reading is 29.85 inches, but the figures are subject to change.
Orlando, Florida in the USA typically has all year round sunshine. However, natives usually looking out for hurricane season from June to November. As we enter the third week of November, it’s still sunny with highs of 45 degrees and a humidity of 47%, which is offset by the north-easterly breeze.
Hurricane season in Orlando, USA runs from early June to November. The best time to visit is in September or October, when the humidity of summer has cooled off a bit. Currently, there’s plenty of sun on the horizon with highs of 26 degrees and lows of 15 degrees.
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sunny with a slight breeze.
Orlando Florida has the hottest summer ever. My visits to Orlando have been cut short because of the intense heat. During 'winter' months, the coldest temperature would be about 60
I am in Orlando right now . It is 95 not rainy , no thunder, no lightening, nice day - A few minutes of drizzle a few hours ago. Tomorrow should be about the same.
It is currently 90 degrees in Orlando, but do not let that fool ya, it feels like 96 degrees actually!
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Weather in Orlando Florida today as is with any other place in the world, is constantly changing due to factors such as different seasons caused by the tilting ...
Orlando, FL weather Currently: clear skies 47F Today: partly cloudy ...
Orlando, FL weather Currently: clear skies 47F Today: partly cloudy ...
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