What Is the Weather like in Barbados in December?


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Current weather in Bridgetown, Barbados
Mostly Cloudy
84º/77º 29º/25º
86º/77º 30º/25º
84º/77º 29º/25º
84º/77º 29º/25º
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The weather like in Barbados in December is warm sunshine with dry conditions. The highest monthly average temperature is 83.0 degrees Fahrenheit and highest monthly average temperature is 75.0 degree Fahrenheit. Monthly average rainfall is 3.9 inches.
The December weather in Barbados generally consists of high temperatures averaging 23 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius. There is plenty of sunshine and you may occasionally have rainfall accompanied with thunderstorm.
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In December the weather is usually the same as the whole year. It fluctuates between 30c and 33C in the day. Only difference is, that the nights are a bit cooler and the sun sets
Climate changes such as sea level rise and periods of drought are common depending on the region of Barbados. Bridgetown is especially at risk, as are Holetown and beachfront hotels
Barbados weather is consistently warm throughout the year with an average high temperature that ranges only a few degrees - from the low 80s Fahrenheit to the mid 80s. Average low
Jonathan's remarks about the wind are very relevant. Depending on where you are spending your time in the city, it can get very windy which will make the cold feel particularly more
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