What Is the Weather like in Bulgaria?


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Current weather in Sofia, Bulgaria
Light Drizzle
55º/41º 13º/5º
48º/46º 9º/8º
64º/41º 18º/5º
66º/45º 19º/7º
Source: www.wunderground.com
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Bulgaria which is in Europe has a Mediterranean climate but it moves towards the continental as you move inland. The coastal region has mostly sunny days while the rain is at its peak in December, the summer average temperature is about 25 0c. The inland region it experience a continental climate with the coldest month being January at an average of 1.20c, in these areas the rain picks up in May.
Bulgaria is a country situated in the East of Europe. The country?s weather is dictated by the conditions and currents of the Black and Mediterranean Seas. Its best weather is in the months of May to September. Bulgaria?s winter can be really cold, so it is advisable to carry a sweater even in summer, for the cool evenings. Bulgaria generally has mild weather conditions.
The weather in Bulgaria consists generally of cold and damp winters and hot, dry summers. To get the daily weather patterns, you could visit the weatheronline site for the daily weather forecast.
According to www.climatetemp.info, the average temperature in Bulgaria 10.5 degrees centigrade and the temperature range averages around 23 degrees centigrade. The region receives an average of 621 mm of rain per year with February as its driest month and June as its wettest.
Bulgaria is found in the south east of Europe and is home to desirable Mediterranean climate, which shifts more towards continent as you move to the interiors. Bulgaria has hot summers and extremely cold winters, so to get the weather in Bulgaria, one can check sites such as weather underworld and time and date.
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Well, it's summer right now so it's hot hot hot!
The weather in Bulgaria is not bad. It's overcast with a high/low of 59/51. If
the wather is nice.in may there is lots of rain.almost every day. the water will not be warm enough to stay for long in the sea but I think it will be hot enough to wear shirts and
The climate in Bulgaria is beautiful. The temperatures from the end of April till the middle of October vary between 20 and 35 degrees Celsius and this is the ideal time for touring
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