What is the weather like in Cancun during February?


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Current weather in Cancun, Mexico
Scattered Clouds
90º/75º 32º/24º
90º/73º 32º/23º
90º/75º 32º/24º
90º/77º 32º/25º
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Following is the weather for Cancun on such months. In general, it is hot and humid: Average Temperatures: Apr: 23-29 °C (73-85 °F) May: 25-31 °C (77-88 °F) Average
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Cancun, Mexico will be partly cloudy on Dec. 31, high of 79F,
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It is advisable to bring a light jacket or a sweater to Cancun during the cooler months of December through February as low temperatures tend to be in the mid 60s. Pack swimwear as well because the sea temperature average this time of year is 79 F. The constant, year-round sunshine in Cancun is largely responsible for its position as one of Mexico's largest tourist destinations.

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The weather in Cancun can be described as beautiful all through the year average daytime temperatures of 30°C / 86°F. In the month of September, temperatures ...
The weather in Cancun during the month of October is marked by rainfall. This is the wet season where downpour and at times hurricanes are experienced. The rainfall ...
In November the temperatures in Cancun keep changing . The daily high is about 84.0 degrees and a daily low of 72.0 degrees. In the morning the temperature is ...
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