What Is the Weather like in Jamaica in January?


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Current weather in Kingston, Jamaica
Mostly Cloudy
88º/79º 31º/26º
90º/77º 32º/25º
88º/77º 31º/25º
88º/77º 31º/25º
Source: www.wunderground.com
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Jamaica is an island nation of the Greater Antilles located in the Caribbean Sea. The weather in Jamaica in January is characterized by temperatures that are warm and balmy and the winter season represents dry days and nights. To find the weather conditions for specific days visit: theweatherforecast website.
In January temperatures in Jamaica range from an average low of 72.0 degrees to an average high of 82.0 degrees. Morning temperatures are around 73.3 degrees. In the afternoon ,temperatures rise to 81.6 degrees. Early evening, temperatures in Jamaica decline to around 76.8 degrees. Temperatures in Jamaica average around 76.8 degrees during January. Rain mostly occurs around 7:00 PM.
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Jamaica is one of the places that have sunny weather and it is the perfect travel destination for summer holidays. Here you can enjoy in the sun and the beautiful beaches.
it's BEAUTIFUL! go to weather.com enter in Montego Bay Jamaica and it will bring up the option to see monthly averages.
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Jamaica is a good sized island. For what area or city of the island ...
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