What is the weather like in Las Vegas in November?


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Current weather in Las Vegas, NV
Mostly Cloudy
104º/84º 40º/29º
104º/86º 40º/30º
102º/79º 39º/26º
106º/81º 41º/27º
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In the summer, temperatures can reach over 100 degrees during the day but humidity averages around 20 percent, leaving Las Vegas with its infamous "dry heat" that makes
Quite comfortable. Although it is stating to cool down considerably and many of the pool areas will close down. So if you are big Sun and poll person then you may be a little dissapointed
November is when the temperatures start to drop. It can be warm during the day and pretty cool at night. You won't need a coat but a jacket or sweater might be in order. You can get
The average temperatures for Las Vegas are: January 45.5 F; July 91.1 F; annual average is 67.1 F. The average annual rainfall is about 4 inches.
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While average conditions may help those planning a visit, it is important to remember that conditions can vary above or below these averages. It is also important to consider other conditions like wind. Las Vegas can record heavy winds during the month although average maximum winds for November are approximately 12 miles per hour. The average probability of experiencing precipitation during a November visit is 8 percent, and light rain is the most common form of precipitation experienced during the month.

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