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Current weather in Malaga, Spain
72º/54º 22º/12º
70º/50º 21º/10º
73º/52º 23º/11º
75º/54º 24º/12º
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In the summer Malaga experiences summer with temperature dipping below30°C and sometimes goes to as high as 40°C.consequently winter is ushered in with temperatures varying between 11-18°C in the day, while at night they range between 4-12°C.
The Andalusian port city of Malaga lies at the base of the Axarquía Hills, on the banks of the Guadalmedina River. Sheltered by surrounding mountains, it offers a wonderful climate almost approaching Subtropical with an average annual temperature of 19 degrees centigrade. Winters are mild and summers are warm to hot.
The weather in Malaga can be determined by the specific time of the year since the weather changes according to seasons. The Weather in Malaga is widely known as one of the hottest along the Costa del Sol due to mount Montes de Malaga which keep the winds away. Even in winter time the average temperature hardly falls below 9å¡C.
Malaga enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate. The climate is characterized by long, hot, dry summers and very mild rainy winters. The city receives almost 3000 hours of sunshine a year which equates to about 300 days every year with sunny weather.
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Nice. Most of Europe is nice in Oct. Not too hot nor too cold and the tourist are gone. The Americans come in June/July and the European in Aug/ Sept. I love Europe in Oct. When I
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Acc. to BBC Weather, Malaga will receive light showers tomor
Not nearly as cold as it is in Northern Europe. Minimum temp is around 12 degrees and maximum up to 18 degrees. Great if you dont like it too hot and want a break away from the ice
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Malaga has subtropical climate. In April it is the summer season .It lasts about 8 months, from April to November. December and March sometimes have temperature ...
Malaga weather is regarded as one of the hottest along the Costa del Sol, due to the Mountain of Malaga which maintains the weather at mild temperatures. For a ...
The average temperature in April in Maraga is 16 degrees. This can reach highs of up to 20 degrees or drop to a minimum of 11 degrees. Malaga in April also experiences ...
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