What Is the Weather like in Poland?


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Current weather in Warsaw, Poland
64º/52º 18º/11º
66º/45º 19º/7º
72º/45º 22º/7º
73º/48º 23º/9º
Source: www.wunderground.com
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The climate in Poland is moderate with continental and maritime elements. This is because of the humid Atlantic air that collides with the Eurasian's dry air. The winter season are dreary, cold and wet while summer seasons are hot during the days and cold at night.
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In summer, quite hot.. in Winter .. Very Cold. right now it is January in South Poland , and -17*C outside .. with lots of snow..
The current weather in Warsaw, Poland is 57 F and drizzling. Are you interested
It;s going to be cold. I'm in Poland right now (south part) and it's chilly and it was raining for the past 3 days! So I wouldn't expect wonders when you come down here in November!
Poland is usually very cold in the winter. I checked wather forecast for December 2008 though. It says that the weather wll change a lot in December, at the beginning of themonth
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