Weather in Sharm El Sheikh?


Sharm el Sheikh is known for its extremely hot and sunny climate, with hot summer sunshine blasting down from June through September. Even in the winters, Sharm el Sheikh is extremely warm, with plenty of sunny weather to go around.
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Current weather in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
93º/77º 34º/25º
93º/77º 34º/25º
93º/77º 34º/25º
95º/75º 35º/24º
Sharm el Sheikh is one of the major tourist resort destinations in Egypt, and is about six kilometres from Sharm el Sheikh bay, Naam bay, and Shark bay, although an on-going development will join them. The weather is greatly influenced by the hot desert climate, but the forecast can be found at the Holiday Weather website.
You can sum up Sharm el Sheikh’s climate in two words: hot and dry. There are only two seasons; winter is hot with cool nights; summer is just hot. Sharm El Sheikh sits on the southern tip of the Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba.
The weather in Sharm El Sheikh which is in Egypt is hot and sunny or clear. The average temperature condition is at 26 degrees C and it has atmospheric pressure of 29.83 but there is no dew point.
Sharm el Sheik has dry weather all year round the temperature can be quite as high as 500c during the August month and the lowest to be at 200c in January. The average water temperature can be to a high of 290c and lows of 180c. The sand storm seasons begin between February to April.
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Hello. My name is waleed and i am working as holiday rep in Sharm El-Sheikh looking after the British people mainly. Regarding the Weather , it is one of my favourit month of the
For detailed statistics and not people 'remembering stuff' why don't you go to and other weather sites? I surely do my research there.
Step. 1. . A mountain view in the desert in Sharm. If you love to haggle then you can go to Naama Bay in the center of Sharm. This is where the night life is and the VERY SKILLED
Its in Asia as Sinai is separate from the "main" part of Egypt, which is n Africa. Check with your insurance company to see how they rate it as they can vary.
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in Sharm El Sheikh you can ALWAYS tan! in December & Novermber & will be great weather, sunny and warm. rest of the year its hot. ...
in Sharm El Sheikh you can ALWAYS tan! in December & Novermber & will be great weather, sunny and warm. rest of the year its hot. ...
The weather in Sharm el Sheikh is mainly hot with high temperatures of about 24 degrees centigrade and humidity of 53%- 80%. ...
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