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The Amazon River is the widest river in the world, with the mouth of the river at 250 miles wide.
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The Amazon River has been called the greatest in the world. Where the river opens at its estuary, it is an amazing 325 km wide. In the dry season, its widest point is about 11 km
The world's widest river is the Amazon, extending six miles wide in some places.
The Amazon. At its widest point the Amazon River can be 7 miles wide during
The Misssissippi River is the biggest river in the U.S., and the Neuse River is the widest in the U.S.
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That Amazon is the widest river in the world. Amazon is basically the largest river in the world, and the credit for this goes to its length of 3,980 - which also makes it the second longest river in the world next only to river Nile in Africa.
River Rio De la Plata is said to be the widest river in the world. Located in South America, River De la Plata reaches a maximum of 220 kilometers and is a confluence of two rivers: River Uruguay and River Parana. The 250 kilometer river forms the border between Argentina and Uruguay.
The Amazon River is the widest river in the world. Its width varies between 1.6 to 10 kilometres at low stage, but it expands up to 48 km or more during the wet season. When entering the Atlantic Ocean it is about 24 km wide.
The Amazon in South America is the world's widest river.
Amazon River is the widest in the world. It has the largest drainage basin in the world and about 7,050,000 square kilometres accounts for approximately one-fifth of the world's total river flow. The rivers width varies between 1.6 and 10 kilometres at low stage but expands during the wet season to 48km.
The Amazon river is considered by most to be the widest river in the world at 202 miles wide at its estuary during the wet season. Some people believe it is the Río de la Plata at 137 miles wide where it opens to the Atlantic Ocean.
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