What Is Theoretical Research?


Theoretical research is a research in which the goal is to prove or disprove a hypothesized truth. It comprises of a hierarchical composite of various stages such as identification of the problem, creation of a computer program amongst others.
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Theoretical research is research that happens only in theory as opposed to in practice, i.e. you pretend that it's happening to examine or justify the consequences.
Consider your research problem from your central research questions to your early hypotheses and types of source material on which your paper will focus. A good theoretical framework
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I'm not sure there is a "theoretical" definition, but a research center is usually an organizational structure within the institution which fosters research within a particular
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Theoretical research in one in which the goal is to prove/disprove a hypothesized truth or proposed future research plans that may be carried out in the future but not at the current moment. The term theoretical is sometimes informally used in lieu of hypothetical to describe a result which is predicted by theory but has not yet been adequately tested by observation or experiment.
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