What Is Tibetan Silver?


Tibetan Silver is a component used in Jewellery. Its appearance is that of aged silver. It is polished to give highlights on complex castings. Today the silver content in Tibetan has reduced due to cheaper productions from Eastern industries.
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Tibetan silver is a nightmare, its a myth.its just a word.im on my lunch break now and i reckon my ham sandwich has got probably round about the same quantity of silver in it than
Tibetan Silver is an alloy of many metals including lead, copper nickel and silver.
It's silver, mined in Tibet.
Tibetan silver is a type of non precious metal found in Tibet. It is similar to stainless steel so will not rust. report this answer. Updated on Friday, February 03 2012 at 05:05PM
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Tibetan silver is basically an alloy component used primarily in jewellery components, and is similar to pewter - an alloy of copper, and sometimes tin or nickel, with a small percentage of pure silver. Its overall appearance is of aged silver, but it can be polished to provide highlights on complex castings.
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