What Is Tonight Moon Phase?


Tonight's, January 27, 2010, moon phase is the Waxing Gibbous phase. This phase will last three more days until the next Moon phase, the Full Moon.
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Since the moon's phase changes daily, any direct answer will quickly go out of date. Instead, please see the related link, which leads to a moon phase calendar.
The current moon phase is called the waning gibbous. This means the moon is 93
The current moon phase for October 28, 2011 Friday is Waxing Crescent. Illumination of the moon disk is 4%
It is a waxing crescent. Only 3% is visible because it is barely past the new moon phase. This site shows tonight's moon phase. The picture appears dark except for the tiny slice
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Current astronomy report for Ashburn, VA
Sunrise: 6:02am
Sunset: 8:30pm
Waning Crescent
Waning Crescent
Source: www.wunderground.com
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The moon phase refers to the appearance of the illuminated section of the Moon as observable from Earth. To know the current phase of the moon you can visit websites ...
A moon phase is the appearance of the illuminated portion of the Moon as seen by an observer on Earth. The portion of the illuminated hemisphere of the Moon that ...
The phases of the Moon in the order they appear: New moon, waxing crescent moon, first quarter moon, waxing gibbous moon, full moon, waning gibbous moon, last ...
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