What Is Tony Hart Famous for?


Tony Hart is famous for television shows with the BBC as an artist in a variety of programmes such as Take Heart and Vision On. However, he died from stroke in Surrey in 2009 after career span of 50 years.
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Tony Hart
Born: October 15, 1925
Tony Hart was a British children's presenter on BBC.
Tony Hart (born Norman Antony Hart) (15 October 1925 ? 18 January 2009)was a British artist and children's television presenter.
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Shalmey Green
Tony Hart died at age 93. Norman Antony "Tony" Hart (15 October 1925 - 18 January 2009) was an
Tony Hart was born 15 October 1925 in Maidstone Kent. He is 81 years old. Began TV career in 1952 as resident artist on children's show Saturday Special.
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