What is tourism?


Tourism is defined as the activity of touring, especially for pleasure. Examples of tourism include visiting the Grand Canyon, traveling to a foreign country or going on an Alaskan cruise. People who are engaging in tourism are known as "tourists."

The economies of many states rely on tourism. Most states have a department devoted to tourism to promote their state and encourage people to travel there. These tourism departments direct visitors to popular attractions and events in each state, along with the best places to dine. They also assist people in finding suitable accommodations, from condominium rentals to rustic campgrounds.

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Tourism. Travel agents book accommodations, tours, car rentals and flights for clients and provide information on local customs and exhibitions. Travel agents also provide details
Tourism is the travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes. OR. Tourism is the activity of a person or persons traveling to and staying in places outside their usual environment
and how they have pulled off a website with absolutely breath-taking details. Below are few screenshots from older years. Just head over to Tennessee Tourism website would get updated
tourism is the way some people earn their money. a tourist is a person who leaves home to go to a place that interests them for a week or to and are more likely to spend money on
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the activity or practice of touring, especially for pleasure.
the business or industry of providing information, accommodations, transportation, and other services to tourists.
the promotion of tourist travel, especially for commercial purposes.
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