What Is Tourmaline Worth?


Tourmaline's worth can vary greatly depending on the size and quality of the stone. The amount one pays for any tourmaline stone should be the same value as its rarity, clarity and quality.
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Tourmalines can be pink, green, pink and green, red, blue, brown or black. Tourmaline can be used to induce positive thoughts, balance the endocrine system and promote sleep and relaxation
Tourmaline is a group of gem species. It comes in a wide variety of colors. The best known varieties of tourmaline are green tourmaline, pink or red tourmaline, and blue tourmaline.
What is my coin worth. Well depending on which coin you have will determine what it is worth. If you have a nickel it is worth five cents, quarter is worth twenty-five cents, dime
Sorry but it is pink tourmaline, it is more rare, because it is only mined in a few locals whereas sapphires are mined almost everywhere.
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The price of tourmaline varies according to quality and variety, prices are from between $50?750/ct and can go up to $1000/ct.
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