What Is Tracey Needham Doing?


Tracey Needham is an American actress. She is best known as Paige Thatcher in the 2nd and 4th season of the movie Life Goes On series' and as Lt. Meg Austin on the 1st season of Jag. She started acting in 1988 and is still in the field to date.
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"Needham" is pronounced "need-em", like the word "need" and the letter
I loved Meg, too, and it took me a couple of seasons to really warm up to her replacement character. Since JAG, Tracey Needham has done a lot of work on various shows. She did 13
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Tracey Needham left Jag to work on a Steven Bochco creation 'Total Security' which did not succeed and never made it to the TV screens in Australia. While growing ...
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