Islamic Clothing?


Traditional Muslim clothing includes clothes such as hijab, abaya, jilbab, niqab, shalwar khamiz and thobes. However, Islam calls on people to dress modestly and act in a humble manner.
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Muslims across the globe dress differently. As long as they observe Islam by not wearing revealing clothing, the clothing of one is just as fine as that of another. See related question
People wear the same types of clothes in many places of the world. Jeans and T-shirts are worn in most countries, replacing traditional garments. But for special occasions or celebrations
capes corsets farthingale mantilla peineta and gilet.
In ancient times, the typical clothing would have been robes, much like what is seen in artwork from that period. But in modern times, they wear regular clothes just like you and
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The hijab is traditional Islamic clothing for the Muslim woman. It covers her hair for modestys sake, giving her a constant reminder to be pure in the name of God. The Quran specifies that a woman ought to be modest and cover everything but her face and hands.
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